Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Sal Winterizes the House (Episode 17)

Uncle Sal placed a couple pieces of firewood on top of the pile on the rear patio. "Giacomo, isn't winter the greatest time of year? The snow, the cold, the hot toddies. Y'know, a lot of folks my age hate the cold. Bothers their arthritis. Not me. I wish it was winter year-round. There's nothing better than sitting by the fireplace and watching football. By the way, I really appreciate you coming over and helping me chop the wood."

Giacomo smiled. "I couldn't let you do it all on your own. Besides, it was worth it to see someone chop wood wearing an avocado leisure suit."

"When we finish here, we should go up into the attic and replace some of the insulation. That should be pretty quick. I reckon most of it's still good."

"What about the windows? Are you going to cover them with plastic?"

"Course I am. Whatta ya think I am, some kinda tenderfoot?"

"You need to seal them too. Remember last year, whenever it snowed, you ended up with a puddle beneath all your windows."

"You don't need to remind me. I'm the one lives here. I got a couple specialists coming to take care of that job."

"You hired someone?"

"Well, I guess in a manner of speaking. I promised 'em a couple hot toddies when they finish."

Uncle Sal heard the doorbell ring. "That's probably my guys right now."

He and Giacomo walked to the front door. When the door swung open, Giacomo saw two silver-haired men older than Uncle Sal by probably twenty years. "Arthur, Milton, come on in. This here's my nephew Giacomo. We was just finishing stacking up the firewood. You all can get to work. Everything you need is in my toolbox in the garage."

As they walked back toward the patio, Giacomo asked Uncle Sal, "Couldn't you find anyone younger to help you with the windows?"

"Younger? Sure. But younger ain't always better. They're the best. Those coots are made for caulking."

This episode featured:
Monte Crisco as Uncle Sal
Kirk Crockett as Giacomo
Beau Juarez as Arthur
Rusty Blackman as Milton
Jellybean Merengue as the doorbell

Tune in next week when Uncle Sal says, "She carried on without a comma that she was someone I should know."

[27 November 2007]

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